Progress Is Always Preceded by Change

Change – besides, religion and politics, there are few other topics that are so polarizing. Some people are opposed to change regardless of the reason, rationale or logic. Others, often leaders, make a living creating it. The irony is, even some leaders don’t love it, but they instigate it anyway. Why? Leaders understand: Progress is always preceded by change.  »  Read More

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Are Your People All In?

Think of a time you were all in. Perhaps it was on a sports team, or a cheerleading squad; maybe you were serving as a volunteer in your community; or maybe it was at work. Have you ever considered why you were so fired up? It was no accident.  »  Read More

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A Good Name

This week, I’ve experienced a wide range of emotions; I’ve shed tears of joy as my first grandchild was born and tears of deep loss as my friend and mentor, Truett Cathy, passed away at the age of 93. I had the privilege to work with Truett for over 35 years.  »  Read More

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What’s Your Picture of the Future?

As we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Secret, I thought I’d write about each of the five practices Ken and I outlined in the book. Although the practices were never intended to represent the steps or process of becoming a leader, the first practice is where leadership begins. Great leaders See the Future.  »  Read More

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Why Not Your Best?

The world lost a beloved leader today… Truett Cathy, the founder of Chick-fil-A, died at the age of 93. His legacy is far-reaching – including a testimony to the power of servant leadership in our world. For all of us who were fortunate to work with him, Truett modeled both integrity of heart and skillful hands. He was the quintessential servant leader.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: The Last Ten Years

In Today’s Challenge, I usually respond to a question from a leader regarding a problem or issue he or she is facing. Today, since we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Secret, I’ve been asked to share some of the leadership lessons I’ve learned since it was published. Here goes…  »  Read More

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