Today’s Challenge: Meetings… Does One Size Fit All? (Part 1)

Teams outperform individuals in virtually any setting. This phenomena is driven by the fact we are certainly smarter together than we are independently. I’m sure these statements don’t surprise you if you have ever been part of a high performance team. What may surprise you is this: I’ve never seen a high performance team who did not have great meetings. Today’s Challenge: Should all our team meetings follow the same structure?  »  Read More

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Chess Not Checkers

Last week, I wrote about the untapped potential and competitive advantage resident in our people. Today, I am excited to introduce my new book, Chess Not Checkers. It is a blueprint for unleashing the talents, passion and creativity of your entire workforce. Although the book will not officially be launched until the first week in April, I couldn’t wait to begin sharing the content. So today will be the first of several posts in which I’ll write about key concepts and best practices for creating a high performance organization!  »  Read More

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One Word: Inspire

Over the last twelve months, I have written several posts in the One Word series. These are words leaders think about often. Some of the featured words have included Momentum, Team, Hope, Vision and Diversity. Today, the next installment… one thing every leader must ultimately learn to do, or give the baton to someone else to do – INSPIRE others to action.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: How to Sell Ideas

Over the last year, I’ve had the privilege to speak to thousands of leaders. In virtually every setting, I asked them to send me their leadership questions. I am grateful hundreds have responded. Each week, I try to address at least one question I believe will have broad interest. Today, a question I’ve been asked repeatedly: How do I sell my ideas?   »  Read More

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Starving While Sitting on a Sandwich

What differentiates you from your competitors? What will separate you in a crowded marketplace? What is your organization’s competitive advantage? I hope these are the type questions you and your leaders are asking. The battle for competitive advantage is never ending… and worth the fight!  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: The Peter Principle

The Peter Principle was published in 1969. The premise: often, people are promoted, again and again, until they reach their level of incompetence. If left unchecked, more than the individual suffer, the organization can become stuck because so many people have risen to their level of incompetence.  »  Read More

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