Today’s Challenge: Win the Heart?

I recently began a 25-city tour hosting Chess Not Checkers workshops. Over the years, events like these have proved fertile ground for outstanding questions for the Today’s Challenge series. The audience is diverse but has a definite youthful bias – many of the leaders are early in their career. It was a young leader who asked, How do you Win the Heart of someone older and more experienced than you?  »  Read More

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A Simple Idea With Huge Potential

I have a new team at the chicken. We were chartered about six months ago. All of the players are extremely talented, and each is gifted in his or her own way. Each member also understands and embraces the power of the team.  »  Read More

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Want to Make Alignment Easier? Staff with Eagles

While writing Chess Not Checkers, it became clear early in the process to create the type of organization that could win consistently, it would be critical for people to Act as One. However, a new insight surfaced along the way – It is much easier to align the “right people.” This simple observation, witnessed time and time again, compelled us to add Staff with Eagles as one of the best practices of High Performance Organizations.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: Low Cost Development

Leaders are resourceful – this should not be confused with full of resources. Often it is our ingenuity, creativity, tenacity or even our stubbornness that enables us to accomplish what other might perceive to be impossible. Today’s Challenge question is from a leader who is not “full of resources.” Her budget for developing people is extremely low – what should she do?  »  Read More

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Thank You… Chess Not Checkers Launches!

This week, we launched my new book, Chess Not Checkers. If you have been on this site in the last few weeks, you may have seen some of the ideas from the book. Rather than recap or summarize any content in this post, I want to pause and say thank you to the men and women who have contributed directly to this project.  »  Read More

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Chess Not Checkers Launches Today!

Thanks for the encouragement many of you have provided during the creation of Chess Not Checkers! There are many people to thank – so many, I’ll devote an entire post to that later this week. For today, take a look at this short video (2:20) which explains why I believe this book matters.   »  Read More

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