Top Ten Posts from 2014

As we approach the holidays, I decided to repeat an idea from previous years… A Top Ten List! Below you’ll find a simple summary and a link to some of the favorite posts from 2014. Maybe you’ll find something you missed the first time around. Merry Christmas!  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: Organizational Discipline

Author, consultant and former professor at Stanford, Jim Collins believes greatness is born of discipline. His prescription: disciplined people – disciplined thought – disciplined action. I agree with Jim. Recently, I received a question from a leader who asked, “How do you create organizational discipline?”  »  Read More

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Benchmarking or Industrial Tourism?

Over the years, some of my greatest learning has come from benchmarking successful organizations. While visiting FEDEX we learned about their Leadership Index; at Google and Pixar we learned about creating work space to fuel collaboration and creativity; from Disney we learned about the power of vision and values; from a visit to Starbucks, I saw first hand: aligned communication starts at the top. My list of learnings could fill an entire post. Here’s my point: benchmarking is powerful – when done well.  »  Read More

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Five Ways to Spark Creativity in Your Team

This article was originally published in May 2012. Tapping into creativity is a constant challenge. I hope this updated post helps jumpstart your team. In a business climate that can turn on a tweet, creativity is not just an asset, it’s essential. But I’m not just advocating creativity for creativity’s sake – companies need creativity to solve real business problems. Many of the pre-recession ways of doing business are no longer viable. As a seasoned leader shared with me recently, “The half-life of ideas is decreasing rapidly.” So what’s our response?   »  Read More

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Six Strategies for Impossible Deadlines

When is the last time you faced an “impossible” deadline? For me, it seems like I’ve had several in the last 90 days. I’ve been thinking about this so much, I decided to share my thought process and the strategies I’ve used to maintain focus and keep moving.  »  Read More

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If I Had a Magic Wand …

Each year about this time, I begin to focus intently on the upcoming year. I reflect on the past twelve months and strategize about how to make the next year more impactful. My conclusion, time and time again – there is no magic pill – only hard work will suffice. However, if I had a magic wand, I would grant myself the power to do the following…  »  Read More

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