Today’s Challenge: Team vs. Organization?

Today’s question comes from a leader who is familiar with some of my past work, specifically, The Secret of Teams and Chess Not Checkers. If you are not, here’s a really quick overview: one is about the power of teams and the other is about the largely untapped potential resident in our organizations at large. The question from this leader: “How are the two ideas connected?”  »  Read More

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4 Ways To Take Back Your Life

This post originally appeared on May 22, 2013.

I seem to be busier than ever before – how about you? Being busy can be a great thing: higher productivity can lead to greater job satisfaction and higher feelings of self worth. But stop and think for a moment. Are you busy or in a hurry? Busy, hurry, what’s the difference? To put it simply, busy is about your calendar, hurry is about your heart.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: Sticky Systems

Every leader I know is pursuing excellence in his or her arena. Consistent execution is the final hall pass on the path to greatness. Systems make excellence predictable. However, systems only work when we work them. Today’s question is from a leader who asked: “How do we make new systems stick?”  »  Read More

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What’s In Your Future?

Leaders are paid to see the future. As I’ve written before, seeing the unseen is at the core of our job description. However, we also live with the on-going awareness the future we see doesn’t exist yet; but we know it can, if we build it.  »  Read More

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Big Idea: Great Leaders SERVE

As promised, over the upcoming weeks, I am going to share some popular posts from the last few years. The following was originally published on January 28, 2013. During an interview last week, I was asked: What’s the biggest insight you’ve had regarding leadership throughout your career?   »  Read More

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Everyday Excellence

When I ask people to name organizations known for excellence and high performance, the usual suspects surface: the Navy SEALS, Apple, Disney, Starbucks and sometimes the New York Yankees or San Antonio Spurs. All of these have earned a reputation for excellence in their field.  »  Read More

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