New Feature: Through My Lens

For several years now, I’ve been encouraged to include more personal information on this site. Honestly, this has been a challenge for me. I’m not sure many of you visit Great Leaders Serve to learn more about me! However, my team finally convinced me to add a new feature – a photo blog.   »  Read More

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How To Revive A Culture

Every year, I attend the Global Leadership Summit. Over the last two decades, it has been a constant source of challenge, inspiration and encouragement. This year was no different. In the opening session, Bill Hybels shared some of his Hard Fought Leadership Lessons. Today, I want to recap one of those: How do you turnaround a culture?  »  Read More

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Top Mistakes Leaders Make

I read a fun article today in Golf Digest: “The Top 40 Mistakes Golfers Make.” The list included: Wearing black socks with khakis, following a bad shot with a dumb one, and thinking a white belt makes you look hip! It was such a good list I decided to make my own: The top mistakes leaders make. Let me warn you, my list is not as fun as theirs.  »  Read More

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Are You Prepared to Succeed?

Last winter in Atlanta, we had two major ice events. In both cases, many were unprepared. The consequences… a lot of scrambling to get ready and a lot of empty shelves. I guess that’s okay in the greater scheme of things. Ice events in Atlanta are fairly rare.  »  Read More

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How’s Your Focus?

As a photographer, I pay more attention to images than your average person. I often wonder how the photographer created the image? Something I’ve noticed over time, rarely do I find an out of focus image compelling. I think the same can be said for an out of focus leader.  »  Read More

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Who Is Your Competition?

Who is your competition? It may not be who you think it is. I was reminded of this again recently as I read a Knowledge@Wharton interview with MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga. You might think MasterCard’s competition would be American Express or Citibank – no, Ajay says their competition is cash.  »  Read More

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