I Follow What I See, Not What I Hear

This is the final post in the series to celebrate the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Secret. Although each of the SERVE practices are essential, today’s topic may be the most critical of them all… If we want to build trust, credibility and ultimately followship, we must understand: people always watch the leader.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: How Do You Manage Turnover?

I’ve been traveling the country this year meeting with leaders – thousands so far. One of the highlights is always hearing their questions. It’s good to know what other leaders are struggling with on a day-to-day basis. One of the questions I received recently was not new, but seems to be an ever present challenge: How do you respond to turnover?  »  Read More

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How Do You Overcome Your Strength?

All human beings have strengths. My friend Marcus Buckingham has helped raise the world’s awareness of this fact. The tragedy: many people ignore, or under utilize their strengths. For a leader, the opposite is often true. If we’re not careful and strategic, we can overuse them.  »  Read More

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Check Your Calendar – FREE Webinar September 29th

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Secret, Ken Blanchard and I will host a FREE one-hour Webinar on Monday September 29th at 2:00 Eastern.  »  Read More

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Progress Is Always Preceded by Change

Change – besides, religion and politics, there are few other topics that are so polarizing. Some people are opposed to change regardless of the reason, rationale or logic. Others, often leaders, make a living creating it. The irony is, even some leaders don’t love it, but they instigate it anyway. Why? Leaders understand: Progress is always preceded by change.  »  Read More

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Are Your People All In?

Think of a time you were all in. Perhaps it was on a sports team, or a cheerleading squad; maybe you were serving as a volunteer in your community; or maybe it was at work. Have you ever considered why you were so fired up? It was no accident.  »  Read More

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