Today’s Challenge: “What… Me a Leader?”

As I travel the country meeting with leaders, I find many of the questions featured in my posts. Today, I’m in Birmingham and a leader asked, “How do you help someone embrace their leadership potential if they don’t see it themselves?”  »  Read More

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Culture: Light or Lightning? (Part 2)

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I realize this is how I began last week’s post. However, the enormity of the task makes it a great way to begin Part 2 on this topic. As leaders, how we think about culture will be a chief factor in our future success, or lack thereof. Will the power of your culture be like light in a dark world or lightning, full of destruction and untapped potential?  »  Read More

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Greatness Hinges on Execution

The best organizations in the world distinguish themselves in the arena of execution. It always has been, and always will be, foundational to long-term sustained greatness. It is really a simple idea: if you cannot execute consistently, greatness will remain a haunting mirage – always in sight, always out of reach.tweet_bird   »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: Reality

As organizations grow, it is increasingly difficult for leaders to stay in touch with the real world. Many leaders understand this unintended consequence of growth and battle against it. Others, less attentive, can gradually lose site of reality. Today’s Challenge: How does a leader stay grounded in reality?  »  Read More

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Culture: Light or Lightning?

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” That’s how Peter Drucker described the power of culture. Arguably, culture is stronger than vision, strategy, tenure, or even in some cases, it can be stronger than leadership.  »  Read More

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What Do Your Employees Dream About?

What would happen if your organization became a place where dreams come true? This may seem like a crazy question – making dreams come true is not what most organizations do. Even those who would say they attempt to do this for customers would rarely say they try to do this for their own employees.  »  Read More

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