The Key to Greater Impact

As I wrote this title, I wondered, “Is this true? Is there really a single “key” to greater impact? Should I choose different language?” Here’s what I know: I’ve been looking for ways to better steward my leadership for almost four decades. Some days I feel I get it right, other times I feel I’ve failed miserably. Through it all, this one idea surfaces again and again.  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: A Heart Transplant

I open some of my talks by telling the audience the presentation they are about to hear is not for them. After I let that sink in, I ask them to think of a leader they know who has failed to live up to their potential or perhaps the person who comes to mind is stuck in their career. I then tell them, “This talk is about how you may be able to help your friend.”  »  Read More

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How to Create a Game Changing Scorecard – Part 2

How do you track your progress and monitor the impact of your actions? How do you know if you are winning? As a leader, you should have an answer to these questions. My answer: look at your scorecard.   »  Read More


Great Leaders Walk the Talk

This post originally appeared on December 21, 2011.

Whether you pursued a leadership role or just happened into one, it probably became apparent pretty quickly that your team was watching you. What are they looking for?  »  Read More


Today’s Challenge: Creating A Culture of Accountability

Today’s post was originally published in July of 2013.

I asked you to send me your leadership challenges last week. Thanks for the response! Although I’ve received enough for many, many weeks of blog posts, I encourage you to continue to send them my way. On Friday each week, I’ll respond to one of your questions. Today’s Challenge: How do you hold people accountable?  »  Read More


How to Create a Game Changing Scorecard

Every leader and team should have a scorecard… I tried to convince you of this in my previous post. Today is part one of a post on how you can create a scorecard capable of driving real performance improvement. The following are some concrete ways to add impact to your scorecard.  »  Read More