The Secret – 10th Anniversary Edition

Today, Ken Blanchard and I are excited to announce the release of the 10th Anniversary Edition of The Secret. Here’s a two-minute video about the history of this project…  »  Read More

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Today’s Challenge: Too Busy?

Leaders get things done. This is one reason people seek us out. When there’s a problem to be solved, or and opportunity to seize, it’s often a leader who is called upon to respond. So what’s the problem? If we’re not careful, we can become so busy we actually forfeit our leadership!  »  Read More

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One Word… Team

This is the next post in a series on single words with big implications for us as leaders. Previous posts have focused on Vision, Data, Diversity and more. Today’s word: Team. Obviously, I have a strong bias on this one since I wrote a book entitled, The Secret of Teams and the companion Field Guide.  »  Read More

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Why is it Hard to Prepare?

I was standing in the back of the room listening to my introduction, hoping the person would say something I could comment on when I took the stage. The room was full – hundreds of people. They had  come hear me speak.They wondered what I would say. So did . I was not prepared.   »  Read More

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New Feature: Through My Lens

For several years now, I’ve been encouraged to include more personal information on this site. Honestly, this has been a challenge for me. I’m not sure many of you visit Great Leaders Serve to learn more about me! However, my team finally convinced me to add a new feature – a photo blog.   »  Read More

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How To Revive A Culture

Every year, I attend the Global Leadership Summit. Over the last two decades, it has been a constant source of challenge, inspiration and encouragement. This year was no different. In the opening session, Bill Hybels shared some of his Hard Fought Leadership Lessons. Today, I want to recap one of those: How do you turnaround a culture?  »  Read More

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